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Put Your Career on the Right Track

As a leading multifaceted entertainment company, we’re constantly working to churn out the highest quality digital entertainment. Our high level of dedication inspires our employees to do their best work.

At Sidomex Universal, you’ll be inspired to be your best no matter what your interest or speciality is; this is where great opportunities are found and careers are made.

Our team is comprised of consummate experts and dedicated professionals who love what they do. Our professionalism, expertise and dedication to the trade, coupled with the strong belief that our employees are the very essence of what makes us extraordinary, is what has enabled us to attract and retain talented, excellent and focused employees.

We are constantly looking for people who are both talented and committed to join us. If you fit this description, kindly contact us here.

What makes us Unique?

Each day, we at Sidomex Universal strive to create a workplace that provides the same opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, age, tribe, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or race.

Whether for positions in front of or behind the camera, we hire skilled individuals from different backgrounds to infuse more diversity into our creative process. This way, we’re making sure that the industry can benefit from the variety of their ideas.

Our recruitment process ensures that focused and talented individuals are fully welcomed, regardless of their defining characteristics, preferences or orientations. We do this to create a workplace that is truly representative of the varying members of the public, and devoid of all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

We recognize that by focusing on what individuals have to offer instead of emphasizing their individual, defining and varying peculiarities, we create a truly potent workforce, one that is filled with highly capable individuals who are eager to learn, thus encouraging diversity of ideas and creating an environment where employees can help each other grow.

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Collaboration and Teamwork

We strongly believe in the power of using teamwork to achieve a common goal, and we encourage all employees to work together in order to complete tasks to the best of their abilities.

We believe that doing this will help strengthen employees both individually and collectively, fostering growth for future projects.

Diversity and Inclusion

Sidomex Universal stands for diversity and inclusion, as we do not discriminate against individuals based on tribe, gender or disability. We encourage and champion a multicultural and diverse workforce, where employees are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work.


Our core philosophy is hinged on people over process and we strive every day to foster a culture that provides employee satisfaction. We believe that this is highly instrumental to your success as you progress on your career path. We provide the perfect environment and the tools needed to make sure that you’re always excited to come to work every day.

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