If Only

If Only

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Happily married banker Joseph Tolono was a young rising star at his bank when he laid eyes on his new neighbor’s wife Nadine on a fateful day during his morning exercise on his balcony.

With Nadine’s successful and powerful husband Thomas Okoye rarely in town, the intrigue of forbidden fruit drew Joseph into a dangerous romance with Nadine, only to find himself entangled into a web of lies, fraud, betrayal and murder of those around him. With an eerie feeling that Thomas may not be who he pretends to be, Joseph is confronted with his life quickly unraveling before his very eyes at every turn while trying to uncover the truth surrounding his new neighbors and exonerate himself
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If Only is a brilliantly and intensely written book with lots of lessons for today’s men and women alike. This book makes you feel like you saw the story happen and not a lot of books in this day and time have such effects